Next Meeting

July 18, 2018 3:30pm


President - Ed Erhart

Vice President - Dan Minner

Treasurer - Allison Girod

Secretary - Susan Gilman

Elisabeth Lipscomb

Sandy Blood

 Merry Lankow

Holly Jablonowski

Nancy Barr

Merrie Kirkland

Renee Funke



Director - Erin Heitzenrater

Clerk- Rachel Hintz



Due to budget constraints, we are asking for donations of common household supplies. If you can help, please drop off supplies to the Cattaraugus Free Library.

Thank you in advance!

Paper Plates (large &small)

Paper Towels

8.5x11 Printer Paper (White & Color)

Arts & Crafts Supplies for the Children Programs

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

Poster board

Toilet Paper


 Cattaraugus Free Library Board of Trustees

Monthly Meeting's Minutes


Erin, Liz, Sandy, Ed, Sue, Merry, Dan, Nancy & Merrie

Directors Report

·         Sandy made a motion, Merry 2nd to approve an Ad in the Olean Times Herald for the Library – carried

·         Sandy made a motion, Liz 2nd to approve Julie Barnett as a volunteer to complete her community service hours for her H.S. graduation requirements, Erin believes  10 hours – carried

·         Liz made a motion, Sandy 2nd to approve the Director’s report – carried

Secretaries Report

·         Dan made a motion, Sandy 2nd to approve the Secretaries’ Report –carried

 Discussion: the new chairs look great. Lots of community complements on how good the library looks!

Treasurers Report

·         Dan, Sandy and Ed volunteered to work on the internal audit.

·         A patron gave us an additional $300 to purchase an additional DVD cabinet and a commercial filing cabinet, any left over money is to be used for any other equipment the Library needs.

·         Ed wants the locksmith to make keys, for the cash drawer and the new filing cabinet.

·          This filing cabinet is for board business. Personal files, financial papers and copies of all reports. Merry made a motion for the locksmith to make keys, Sandy 2nd – carried

·         Sandy made a motion  to approve the Treasurers Report, Sandy 2nd – carried

Discussion: Sandy told us the evaluations on Rachel and Erin are complete.

Library Bill of Rights Federal –vs. – Library Kids and gaming

Child Protection Law: American Library Association fought. The games on our computers are loaded by systems and we cannot find any ratings we cannot take them off besides internet games we cannot control-

Things are better in the library. The rules are being enforced – must be quiet and control themselves. Sandy will contact Eli and discuss. Federal Law: child protection law geared to receiving e-Rate

Social Media Policy – Dan wants the charitable part removed. Dan is challenging this. Merry made a motion to accept Social Media as is. Liz 2nd – vote 5 to 3 –carried.  More discussion solicitations are not ok with the board and we all agree that we can advertise a charitable event we just cannot ask for donations for the events, we, the Board, agree that we interpret it to mean we can advertise and we will enforce it that way.

Rules state 7 and under must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  8 to 14 on own – reasonable behavior is expected and left to the discretion of the library staff. Over 14 is considered an adult in the Library.

Dan made a motion to approve the Child Behavior and Safety Policy, the Unattended Child Policy, and the Censorship Policy, Liz 2nd – carried

Rachel and Sandy had training on the Libraries Face book page and Website.  They were trained by Erin.

Erin and Sandy went to the summer reading program. Erin is to provide the board with a comprehensive summer reading program by the next board meeting.

Sandy presented the board with a new overlap time to promote communication between Rachel and Erin.  Suggestion 1: extra ½ hour per day for discussion and training or suggestion 2: divide the current hour into 15 minute intervals, 1 each day and training as needed.

Dan made a motion for suggestion 2.  Fifteen minutes each day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Training will be left to Sandy’s discretion. Merrie 2ns – carried

Ed wants Dan Oglevee to write up the proposal for the construction grant by June 1st. The air conditioning will cost approximately $4000.  We will need to have Allison move the money by then. Dan made a motion to have this done, Sandy 2nd – carried

Nancy suggested that we get a professional to clean the rugs. Sue made a motion to do this by the middle of May or early June, Nancy 2nd – carried

We need storage in the back room.  Sue made a motion to purchase the cabinets we need as long as the cost is under $500. Ed will go get them. Sandy 2nd – carried

Erin and Sandy want to put the begging letter in the penny saver the board agrees as long as it is free.  The board also wants the meeting advertised in the penny saver.

Ed made a motion to have the “begging letter” donations put into the construction account after the 3 months the money will go into the general fund unless specified to go elsewhere. Merry 2nd – carried

Merry wants Erin to complete the password book.  It should be organized and all information entered by the next meeting – Dan said to make it a priority.

Merry also reminded Erin that she has to check all doors before leaving. The back door was left unlocked over the weekend.  Sue stated we could be devastated if we were broken into and the insurance will not cover the break in if the doors are unlocked.

Merrie complemented Erin on a good job.

The next meeting will be May 23rd at 3:30 pm

Merrie made a motion to adjourn at &:18pm, Sue 2nd - carried